Glimpses 4: Switzerland, Germany, Austria

February 19, 2017

Originally intended as a small book, “Glimpses: In which a Casual Traveler Ruminates on Passing Scenes—1989-2011″, I should like to share it with my readers in a more informal manner as a series of Blogs. 

Switzerland: Brenner Pass: While traveling from Germany to Italy, we passed some ski slopes and, I as I looked over at the Lodge at the bottom of the mountain, I noted a hospital nearby!!! How fitting! No wonder I never took up the sport!!

Ulm Minster

Ulm Minster

Germany: Ulm: a church steeple (the tallest in Europe) made of stone. From a distance, it looks like the finest of lace! How had those stonemasons performed this miracle? What artists they were! Did they impress God with their handiwork as He did them? And what did Einstein — who was born here — think of it? Makes one marvel at so many artists of today who make sure they sign their most trivial of “artworks”.

Austria: Vienna: Visited, of course, the Hof, the Albertina (big disappointment!), the Winter Riding School, Schönbrunn and other “tourist spots”, but it was a coffee house a few steps away from the Hofburg that I most remember: spacious, high-ceilinged, tables with ample room for waiters in black and white to glide between them, newspapers (none of which I could read) hanging from bamboo poles. It was midday yet most tables were occupied by readers and journal writers…a smattering of tourists like myself. I somehow felt the souls of departed novelists, memoirists, revolutionaries, poets, students, pamphleteers, professors, anarchists, and other disillusioned persons hovering nearby, looking over my shoulder and wondering why I was merely gawking and not writing.

Italy: Rome: Piero (Pier Augusto Breccia) takes us to a restaurant outside city limits: Rustic, ancient, overhead wooden beams hung with farm/hunting implements. The menu: wild game. Expecting wild animals, I was still surprised to see “Bambi” featured on the menu.

Germany: Bergisch Gladbach: It was May and not a time we usually go to Europe, but I was invited for a book discussion/signing for my monograph on Heinz (Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Toward a Vision of Wholeness) at Cologne’s Amerika Haus so our Spring visit was a special one. What made it even more memorable for me, was a stroll down the street on which the Jarczyks lived, each side lined with flowering plum trees, all in full bloom and the sidewalks covered in pink petals. It was almost like walking down a “red carpet”, the little town welcoming us as “super stars” from the U.S. A very nice memory indeed. (Note: I met Heinrich J. Jarczyk during his exhibition at the German Embassy in NYC and later wrote about him in ART TIMES; sometime later, I also wrote two books about his life and work. We visited (and became long-time friends) with him and his wife, Christiane, many times in Germany).