RAYMOND J. STEINER is an art critic/reviewer for ART TIMES, a literary journal he helped found in 1984 and for which he serves as Editor. He has profiled approximately 100 American and European artists for various publications and regularly critiques and/or reviews exhibitions, art books and art videos for ART TIMES. In addition to his articles, Mr. Steiner has written introductory essays for several catalogues and regularly lectures on art and art-related subjects both in the U.S. and abroad. His published works include: The Vessel of Splendor: A Return to the One; The Girl Who Couldn’t See (a book for young adults); 23 Woodstock Artists; Quarry Rubble (a book of poetry); Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Toward a Vision of Wholeness; Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Etchings 1968-1998; The Art Students League of New York: A History; and a novel The Mountain. His works have been translated into German, French, Italian,  Chinese, Polish, and Czech.

Landscape painting has been an avocation of his for some years and his method has primarily been to paint on site, alla prima, and, in an effort to capture the spontaneous impression, to confine himself almost exclusively to the use of the palette knife. He has been exhibiting his work since 2004.

He is a member of the American Society of Aesthetics, The Salmagundi Club, the Hudson Valley Artists Association, Artist Fellowship, Inc., Woodstock Artists Association Museum and the International Association of Art Critics  (AICA).


6 Responses to About

  1. Ray,
    Congrats on your new blog. I enjoyed the piece on Salmagundi and Traynor — Made me wish I’d been there.
    All best,

  2. Hi Ray,
    I have been reading your column in ‘Art Times’ for a very long time. ‘The Mountain’ clarified my own feelings, and I recommended it to my students. Currently 70 pieces of my artwork are in a solo exhibit; “Discoveries…Botanical Explorations” at The Gallery in the Park, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, in Cross River. Although as a botanical artist I strive for accuracy, each painting is a personal reaction to a discovery about the plant or myself.
    It would be an honor if we could meet there and walk through the exhibit together. I guarantee that you will enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing from you, Corinne http://www.corinnelapincohen.com

  3. Mr. Steiner, I am writing a book about the life and work of David Wu Ject-Key and his wife Elsie. Did you happen to know them, through Salmagundi Club or because of David’s friendship with Chen Chi who was such a great friend of yours? It would be wonderful to be able to get in touch with you personally, phone or email perhaps, to hear any anecdotes that you would recall about the Ject-Keys!
    Mary Jo Thorsheim, Ph.D., Minneapolis

  4. Dear Raymond Steiner, I would like to be able to contact you in regards to Zhu-Min Chen Chi.

  5. cindy taylor says:

    Hi Ray,
    I’m one of your Spring family cousins. It’s interesting that you are an art critic given the number of artists in the family. It must be in the blood!
    We (Susan Powers, John Halpin and I) are having a Spring family reunion this August at the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. We would love to have you and your family join us. Feel free to contact me.
    Cindy (granddaughter of Catherine Spring)

  6. Kevin says:

    Hello. I was at an estate sale in Kentucky and purchased a beautiful possibly oil painting with conifers on the left and right, mountains in the background and water in the forefront. It is signed on the left in red and appears to be J. STEINER with steiner in caps. I was wondering if you might have painted it and what it might be a picture of?

    Thank you so much,

    Kevin N.

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